Sustainable Management

International Recognition

Blue Sign

Chang-Ho received Blue Sign in 2015. Starting from 2010, Chang-Ho restricted the green concepts of the company, following the eco-balance concept, including solar energy, chemical recycle ….etc.

GRS Certificate

Chang-Ho received GRS in 2017.The company used pet recycled yarn in 2008, and restricted green concepts in 2010.Those green action got attention from mega-brandin USA and Euro.

Oeko-Tex 100

Chang-Ho received Oeko-100 in 1997 to ensure all the chemical without any heavy metal to protect end consumers and re-new the certificate annually.

Environment Actions

Solar Power

Chang-Ho installed solar power panels in 2016.Every year, 650,000 tons of CO2 is reduced.The picture showed the solar panels on the roof of the mill.3.6 gaga watts of electricity is saved.The goal is to reduce 45% of power in 2025 in order to protect our environment.

Waste Water Recycle

The percentage of recycle of wasted water and rain water was 97%, the goal of 2021 is 99%.We hope we can be the role model of textile company in this area.We also encourage our employees to raise suggestion for green processes. Rewards will be granted.

Zero Discharge

Chang-Ho Fibre invested one million USD to

Install RTO system to ensure all the wastes to

be incinerated and released 100% clean into

the air. This new system gain recognition from

International buyer and show the determination

of sustainability.

Sustainable Management

CRS (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The concept of CRS is the core we cherish. Regardless consumers or even our employees, Chang-Ho has the responsibility to care and to cherish.For the sake of CRS, we will publish our first version ofCRS report in 2020.