Fabric With a Heart Inside

Charity Fabrics

Every day more than 20 thousand volunteers in Taiwan are collecting pet bottles for recycle to be reused. Volunteers come from every corner of Taiwan, they devote their time to save the planet, even just a tiny part.Chang-Ho receive this green power and cooperate with them to maintain a better world.

Carbon Footprint of Chang-HO

Carbon Footprint

Every year, there are more than 200 million pet bottles are recycled in Taiwan.Chang-Ho use part of those recycle polyester yarn and calculate our own carbon footprint in this products.More than two millions tons of CO2 are reduced. Chang-Ho hope to reach our goal for zero discharge in 2025.

City Mining Concept

Every city has her own environment protection system, but recycle pet bottles are only 40%, that is, city full with green treasure to be dig out and give new value.